Girls and teens


This post related to the previous one, because I feel it is very important to really focus on how much young women are feeling down about their body because of the pressures the media and society are putting on them. The image of what a woman is supposed to look like is introduced at a young age, when girls start playing with barbies. They play with this unrealistic dolls, and feel as if that is a normal body type. Recently, they made a real life-sized barbie doll with the barbie size measurement, and it was unrealistic. (See Below)


The company of Barbie has been feeling the pressure ever since, and they recently made a barbie, with normal sized proportions.


So this ties into the pressures on girls before they even know anything about how their bodies should look. The influence starts young. From the toys they play with, to the movies and shows they watch. It is very rare that a girl who is bigger than most or heavier set to be a lead in a movie or show. The media portrays that if you are skinny, you will have it all together, you will get the good-looking guy, you will be happy. Most of us know that is false advertisement. I am not over weight, but I am not stick skinny. I wear a size 4 jean, and I feel the pressures daily. I constantly think I am too fat, and I need to be skinnier. I finally came to the conclusion, I am who I am. However, teenagers are not as opened minded when it comes to issues like this. They can often times feel trapped, get depressed, then it can lead into anorexia or bulimia. Which I will go into depth on in the next post. 🙂


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